Challenge Leaders


Our Day of Giving challenges have been made possible by our alumni, Board of Trustees, Alumni Council and Senior Administration at Coe. Their collective gifts have made it possible for the impact of your donations to be multiplied in very exciting ways by unlocking money towards the Coe Fund. Coe College will receive the challenge money once each challenge has been met. 

The Coe Fund supports academic programs, technological improvements, provides scholarships and much more within the year. Your gift to the Coe Fund impacts every student on campus. 

Here’s the best part: you can help unlock multiple challenges with your gift! There is no limit to the number of challenges your gift can unlock. The only limit is time! There has never been a better day to give to Coe.

#KohawkDay Challenges:

1. States Challenge -  $10,000 unlocked!
When you wear your Crimson and Gold anywhere in the U.S. and the world, chances are someone will stop you to share their Coe story with you! Last year, we received gifts from 46 states. Our Challenge Leaders from across the globe will unlock $10,000 for the Coe Fund if we can get at least 47 states. Let’s color the entire map crimson and gold.

2. Battle of the Decades - $20,100 unlocked! 
Did you graduate in the 1970s? 1980s? What about the 2000s? Bragging rights are awarded to the decade with the highest percentage in giving. The winning decade will unlock your decade times 10! For example, if the 1990s win, our Challenge Leaders will unlock $19,900 for Coe.

3. Dougie’s Challenge - $20,750 unlocked!
Dougie Peters ’81 kicks off #KohawkDay with a special challenge. In the spirit of, “Start Small, Think Big,” Dougie challenges everyone to make a gift on #KohawkDay. The goal is to have 200 donors give a gift of any size to unlock Dougie’s challenge. Once the goal is reached, Dougie will personally donate $750 to Coe. Additionally, when we reach 200 donors it will unlock an additional $20,000 to the Coe Fund to support the student experience. Gifts of any size will help unlock this challenge.

4. Young Alumni 2006-2016 Challenge - $15,000 unlocked!
Our recent grads are amazing! In honor of the last ten years of graduating Kohawks, our Challenge Leaders will unlock $15,000 to Coe if we reach 200 donors from the classes of 2006-2016. Any size gift will help us reach the goal.

5. New/Renew Challenge
- $15,000 unlocked!
Our Challenge Leaders are supporting #KohawkDay with a special challenge. Haven’t made a gift in over 3 years or this is your first time giving? Show your love of Coe with a gift today. The first 50 new or renewing donors to make a gift will unlock $10,000.

6. Coe Sweethearts Challenge - $10,000 unlocked!
Love is in the air at Coe. From the beginning to today, Kohawks have met, smooched, gotten pinned, engaged and married. Honor that love today with a gift. Our goal is 50 gifts made by Kohawk couples to unlock $10,000 for the Coe Fund. Why not double your impact? If you each make a gift today, you will each count for this challenge!

7. Parent Challenge - $5,000 unlocked!
Mom and Dad, what would we do without you?!? In thanks for all you do, we offer you a special challenge today. Coe will receive $5,000 to help fund scholarships if 50 Coe parents make a gift.

8. Faculty& Staff Challenge  - $5,000 unlocked!

Many of our wonderful faculty and staff have already made a gift to Coe this year and we thank you for all you do! Last year, 116 faculty and staff donated to Coe on Day of Giving. If we surpass last year’s total, we will unlock $5,000 for the Coe Fund.

9. Flunk Day Challenge 
- $5,000 unlocked!
Flunk Day was last week– Today is the perfect day to honor our age-old tradition we all love – FLUNK DAY! 50 donors will unlock $5,000 for the Coe Fund.

10. 2 for 1 Challenge - $10,000 unlocked!
(5pm-7pm CST) It’s time for Happy Hour! All gifts will be doubled during this two-hour challenge.


2017 Challenge Leaders:

Axdahl, Bradley '06 & Brianna Fossey Axdahl '05
Albinson, Erik
Benjamin, Kim A. '75
Birkey, Peter M. '91
Brause, Sally Roegner '88 & Bill Brause '87
Budhwani, Karim I. '93
Carson, J. David '72 & Mary Birdenstine Carson '73
Caves, Steven & Suzanne
Chiusano, Bob
Claussen, Nicole L. '95 & Abe Tubbs
Davis, Charles '86
Dempsey, Donald R. '65 & Meg
Dostal, Kathryn Lillibridge '99
DuBay, Lauren '13
Eden, Douglas '77 & Willie
Evans, Jack B. '70 & Nancy Hamblin Evans '71
Freitag, Samuel C. '78
Galloway, Chris Kaufmann '73 & Jon Galloway '72
Gehring, David '89 & Susan Gehring '89
Golder, Kenneth '82 & Suzanne Roe Golder '82
Greenspon, Dennis '68 & Lisa
Hain, Heather '94 & Peter Lauritzen '94
Hayes, David T. '93 & Rev. Heather
Hegland, Anna '13
Heinrich, Timothy '94 & Jana
Henderson, Gene '60 & Glenda Sullivan Henderson '75
Hiebert, Alan '96 & Heather Daniels '95
Hughes, Shirley '67
Hyde, Douglas '74 & Christina Grafath Hyde '74
Johnson, William P. '53 & Lynda
Jorgenson, Mary Cook '80 & Mark Jorgenson '79
Kennedy, Steven '78 & Debra LaPour Kennedy '77
Krob, Mary Jeanne '74
Lee, Larry
McInally, David & Janice
McLean, Julie Johnson '78 & Brian McLean '79
Mehaffy, David '76
Menefee, Curtis '87
Musgjerd, Kayla '13
O'Loughlin, Paula
Peters, Dougie '81
Reynolds, Sigrid Strong '94 & Curtis
Rule III, Brett W. '86 & Libba
Schalk, William '65
Shryock, Larry L. '65 & Janet Lake Shryock '66
Smith, DJ '74 & Abbie Peterson Smith '75
Spivey, Bruce E. '56 & Amanda
Staker, Julie Kleis '93 & Lance Staker '93
Stepanek, Jodi Bauer '00
Strohm, John '79 & Mary Pat Link
Struve, Craig '70
Sturdevant, Lori '74 & Martin Vos
Sullivan, John '89
Tupper, Eric '88 & Barb Ernst Tupper '89
Walsh, Edward J. '70 & Roberta Covert Walsh '70
White, Chelsea '12
White, Mike & Donna McGohan White '09