Alumni Mentoring Program



The Coe College Alumni Mentoring program is a voluntary, one-to-one mentoring program, designed to bring Coe alumni together with Coe students for the purpose of professional and personal growth. Alumni not only share their knowledge of the "real world" with students and provide insight on navigating through the post-college world, but also assist them in personal growth while connecting them to the Corridor community.

The connections made through the Coe College Alumni Mentoring Program prepare our students for a successful future and leave a permanent, positive impact on our campus community.

Benefit to Alumni

  • Interact with current students and the Coe campus and enjoy a rewarding volunteer experience
  • Advise students on personal growth, career topics, the Corridor and more
  • Ability to “pay it forward” by helping students make the transition from academics to the workforce, or to help Kohawks feel connected in a new community
  • Enhance coaching, communication and interpersonal skills as a result of working with students
  • Cultivate worthwhile relationships between students at Coe and alumni who were once in their shoes
  • Spread the word about and/or recruit for your organization

Benefit to Students

  • Obtain an additional source of support for personal and professional development
  • Discuss academic goals and progress with a mentor who is knowledgeable about available resources
  • Get input about how to choose a major, how majors connect to career options, and how to make informed career decisions
  • Learn about the world of work and graduate school
  • Develop leadership, teamwork, creative thinking and interpersonal skills through informal coaching and feedback
  • Experience things throughout the Corridor to become connected to the community
  • Gain and apply networking skills
  • Cultivate a worthwhile relationship with a Coe alum who was once in your shoes


  • Attend preparatory meeting in late fall, dates to be determined
  • Attend the Mentor/Mentee Meet-Up in late January
  • Communicate via email or phone at least twice each month from January – December 2017
  • Meet face-to-face at least three times from January – December 2017

Becoming a part of the mentoring program is easy as 1, 2, 3. Simply fill out the online form, wait to be contacted after the form is reviewed, and then get matched up!

The Matching Process

As student interest forms are received, they will be reviewed based on goals, major(s), and career and personal interests. Each student will then be matched with an alumnus/alumna who has indicated interest in mentoring a student in related areas. Students will be introduced to their prospective alumni mentors, and from there, it is the responsibility of the student and the mentor to identify goals and activities for developing the relationship, with assistance from Coe.