2013-2014 Operations Update

With a balanced budget, strong enrollments, and a growing endowment, Coe College's financial health is as strong as it has ever been. In a higher education environment where many colleges are struggling to maintain enrollments, Coe continues to thrive. Our fall 2013 full-time student enrollment of 1,351 represents the largest enrollment in Coe's history (until this fall when we hit 1,360!) and a student body that is now over 20% larger than just 15 years ago. I'm also proud to say the college continues its long-time commitment of making a Coe education available to students from all backgrounds by providing over $26.5 million to our students in scholarships and grants last year. Coe's total endowment assets are now approaching the $100 million mark - with total endowment assets of $97 million at the end of the 2013-14 year thanks to your generosity and excellent investment returns. Clearly, Coe's strong financial position reflects a college on the move in the right direction!

The following charts and tables provide a snapshot of a few significant financial highlights for Coe from the 2013-14 academic year. Many thanks for your past and continued support of the college and remember, "Once a Kohawk, Always a Kohawk!"

Michael White
Executive Vice President



2013-2014 Operations



Tuition and Fees $46,129,274
Residence and Dining Services 8,183,076
Total Student Revenue $54,312,350
Financial Aid (26,524,502)
Total Net Student Revenue $27,787,848

Endowment Support for Operations 5,872,695
Gifts Supporting Operations 1,560,125
Other Revenue  287,444
Total Revenue  $35,508,112



Salaries and Benefits $20,162,538
Academic Program 2,612,554
Student Services 1,686,437
General Administration 1,865,321
Campus Facilities 3,735,895
Residence and Dining Services 2,174,092
Student Work Study 778,896
Other Expenses 516,969
Debt Service 1,975,410
Total Expenses $35,508,112
Operations Net Income (Loss)      -



Sources of Revenue and Expenses by Category