13-14 Visioning. Connecting. Challenging.


Listed here are the boards and councils that serve and help direct Coe's future. We thank these dedicated individuals for their service. We also express sincere gratitude to all who volunteer to assist Coe in countless ways, including classroom speaking, class representation, networking with students, providing experiential learning opportunities and so much more.




Coe College Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the governing body for Coe College. While the President of the college, who is hired and evaluated by the Board, is ultimately responsible for managing the college on a daily basis, the Trustees set broad policy and overall direction for Coe. In addition, the Trustees are particularly active in philanthropic support for the college.

2013-14 Board of Trustees

J. David Carson '72, Chair
Lori Sturdevant '74, Vice Chair 
Ken Golder '82, Second Vice Chair 
David Gehring '89, Secretary
Paul Meyer '74, Treasurer
Robert Darryl Banks, O.B.E. '72 
Kim Benjamin '75
Peter Birkey '91
Steve Caves
Bob Chiusano
Nicole Claussen '95
Tom Ellis '79
Sam Freitag '78
Tony Golobic
Dennis Greenspon '68
Keith Hall '76
Gene Henderson '68
Kent Herink '76
Shirley Hughes '67
Douglas Hyde '74
William P. Johnson '53 
Sandra Kaloupek '87 
Steven Kline '76
Mary Jeanne Krob '73 
Joan Lipsky
Julie Johnson McLean '78 
David Mehaffy '76
Curt Menefee '87
Liza Ovrom '75
Chuck Peters
Sigrid Reynolds '94 
Brett Rule '86
Larry Shryock '65
Stan Smith '72
John Strohm '79 
Carson Veach '74 
Edward J. Walsh, Jr. '70
Life Trustees
Terry Abernathy '70 
Donald Ebinger '47 
Jack B. Evans '70
John Girotto
Albert Kircher '51
Vincent L. Martin
James R. Phifer, President Emeritus 
Donald Ribble '52
John Sagers
Gary Schlarbaum '65
William R. Shuttleworth
Bruce E. Spivey '56
Jerre Stead '65

Honorary Members of the Board
Mary Neff

Heather Daniels '95, President, Coe College Alumni Council
Dave McInally, Coe College President

2014-15 Incoming Members
Adewale Adeosun '84 
Steve Kennedy '78 
Craig Struve '70


Coe College Alumni Council

The Coe College Alumni Association’s activities are coordinated in the Alumni Office in McCabe Hall. Purposes of the association include promoting the welfare and influence of Coe College and establishing a mutually beneficial relationship between the college and its alumni; fostering a spirit of fellowship and loyalty among its members; encouraging support of the college; and providing members with news of current activities at the college through publications.

Members of the Alumni Council meet twice a year and help to promote Coe wherever they can. 

Alumni Council 2013-2014

Alumni Officers
Heather Daniels '95, President 
Steve Van Every '75, Past President 
Steve Kennedy '78, Vice President 
Beth Cook '98, Secretary

Members At-Large
Brad Axdahl '06 
Charles Davis '86
Jo Ann Miller Day '57
Jason Fisher '04
Jase Jensen '06
David Kurovski '86 
William H. Schalk '65
Hala Abumaizer Scheetz '91 
Cheryl Spath-Karges '69 
Jodi Bauer Stepanek '00 
Eric Tupper '88
Dimis Ehninger Wyman '59
Student Alumni Association Representative
Jordon Ferree '15, President

Student Body Representative
Cinnamon Moore '16, President


Coe College Board of Visitors

The Board of Visitors meets twice a year and receives information pertaining to college operations to give members firsthand information and a sense of the state of the Coe community. The Board of Visitors, in turn, provides a channel of communication to many areas of the country. The better informed the members of the Board of Visitors are, the more effective they can be in communicating Coe's strengths to alumni, parents and prospective students.

2013-14 Board of Visitors

Alan Anderson '78 
Becky Anderson '71 
Jane Beatty '79 
Steve Bohr '92 
Todd Buchardt '82 
Chip Chaon '97
Jane Michaels Dufoe '92
Terry Hiebert '76
Lee Hilsabeck '70
John Llewelyn '85
Linda McCormack Mattes '93 
Paul Milakovich '83
Ray Milhem '83
Doug Ramsey '88
Jared Rance '04 
Kevin Robinson '81 
Gary Rozek '76 
Ash Shah '89
Alan Staples '78 
Kevin Welu '86


Coe College Parents Council

The Parents Council is an organization that was established to:

  • promote parents' knowledge and understanding of Coe College's education program and policies,
  • provide a communication channel between parents and the college and among parents,
  • assist with internship and career opportunities for students,
  • assist in recruitment and retention of new students, and
  • promote the development of Coe College through personal, corporate and foundation financial support.

The Parents Council joins with the college staff in expressing our wish to serve you and your son or daughter now and in the future.

2013-14 Parents Council

Shelley Barton, St. Paul, MN
John "Danny" Chang, Afton, MN
Jock and Sara Donaldson, Minneapolis, MN
Dave '88 and Audra Fahlgren Drahn '90, Cedar Rapids, IA
Kim Fuller, Derby, KS
Eric Haynes, Kansas City, MO
Kim and Buck Jones, Urbandale, IA 
Dede Kelly, Woodbury, MN
Darcy Lewis, Riverside, IL
Beth Ownby, Independence, IA
Lori and Kent Reynolds, Anamosa, IA
Steven and Karen Tardrew, Madison, WI
Carol Wirth, Cedar Falls, IA

Incoming Members for 2014-15
Gabrielle Brown, Colorado Springs, CO 
Tim '97 and Laura Sagers, Cedar Rapids, IA