2015 Stories


Kristin Johnson Schuller ’02
& Jacob Schulle
r ’02
Jake insists we met in Professor Aukema’s English class. I swear we met at a Phi Kappa Tau party. Either way, we fell in love during a J-term class – Biology of the Seashore – in Dog Island, Florida. So I guess a thank you is in order to Professor Emeritus Floyd Sandford – as the isolated and idyllic setting of Dog Island kindled a love that has translated into a 10-year marriage and a beautiful little boy.

Linda Schuster Nelson ’92 & Kipp Nelson ’92
I was helping check new students into Murray Hall and the moment I saw Kipp I couldn't wait to find out more about him. At first we were just friends, we spent a lot of our free time together. After awhile though I knew I wanted to be more than friends, so I decided to tell him. Well, true to Kipp's way of doing things he made me wait! He finally came around and we have been married 19 years. He still makes me wait for things though! Now we work at a Community College and I love to tell my students that I got way more than just a degree at Coe College.

Roland (Lars) Larsen ’53 & Win Lee Larsen 53
I came to Coe in the spring of 1950. Win Lee came the next Semester in September. That Fall we both attended Psychology 101 which was taught by Professor Wright. I knew the Professor and his wife quite well because I worked for his wife on weekends cleaning and babysitting. One day, in the middle of the semester, Professor Wright asked me to meet with him, in his office, after class. All through that class I wondered what I had done to warrant the invitation but just passed it off as another clean
windows or such at his home.  I reported to his office as requested and he told me that he wanted to send students out in the evenings to do Psychological Surveys, and he wanted to know if I would participate and escort one of the female students.  I replied that I would be happy to do the surveys but I wondered whom I was to escort.  He said he wanted me to escort Win Lee.  I replied, "Who's that?  He then said, "She's the blond gal who sits in front of you!"  I said, "OK," and introduced myself to Win Lee the next day. That was the beginning of our love story which has lasted for 65 years. Thank you, Professor Wright, wherever you are!

Holly Hynes ’78 & Jim Zulakis ’79
I first saw my husband Jim Zulakis singing and playing guitar in the P.U.B. freshman year 1974 and I was hooked. Cupid didn't get us together until the last semester of our senior year after I heard Jim sing Mac The Knife in the opening of Three Penny Opera and he watched me play the town floosy in The Rimers of Eldridge, both Coe College Theatre Dept productions. After graduation (1978) I moved to NYC and Jim remained at Coe to finish up some credits and then followed me to New York. We were married in 1980 in downtown New York City and renewed our vows 30 years later on the top of the Empire State Building on Valentine's Day. This year will mark 35 years of marriage. 37 years after that first kiss at the back door of Voorhees Hall.

Robert Ilten ’48 & Patricia Owens Ilten ’47
My sister Gertrude (class of '39), secretary to Coe President Byron Hollingshead who also met her husband at Coe, enrolled me mid October 1945  to Coeon my return from the Navy Air Corps. My first class was Dr. Macy's economics - there I spotted Pat Owens in the first row. At that time there were approximately 900 women and 100 men, a little bit overwhelming. We didn't speak to each other until a Chi Omega dance where Pat was handling the record player (she was engaged). She stayed at Voorhees and we very well may have had our first kiss behind the pillar. Our courtship didn't really start until the following year when a couple of us hitch-hiked to Des Moines to watch Pat become runner up in the Miss Iowa contest. I was a member of Delta Phi Epsilon (now Sigma Nu) and our courtship centered around fraternity/sorority activities. Having to be in dorm at midnight always seemed to pose a problem, not for me, as I was a local. We thank God for our days at Coe and for giving us now 68 years of marriage.

Charles Mahar ’78
& Teresa Engelbert Mahar ’78

Charlie and Teri met the first day of school and we were in the same P.I.G. group. Personal Interaction Group for freshmen. They stayed fast friends until end of our sophomore years then romance blossomed! Charlie who was from Illinois followed Teri to St. Paul after graduation and married in 1979. Four children Meghan 32, Winston 30, Anna 26, and Alexander (Sandy) 20. And, of course, Charlie and Teri still look exactly the same!

Thomas Bredfield ’09
& Kelly Weston Bredfield ’09

We met at the Stewart Memorial Library, the summer going into our senior year. Kelly worked in the A/V department and Tom worked for Academic Computing. Tom kept finding extra work that needed to be done in Kelly's department and eventually he asked her out to a movie... with a group of co-workers. Kelly and her roommates came and we ended up sitting next to each other. We immediately hit it off and dated through our senior year. After another
year of dating, it was time for the next step. Tom reached out to his contacts at the library and set up a proposal that would take place in the Perrine Gallery. Kelly's old co-worker called her up for lunch, while Tom set things up in the library. Thinking that Tom was at work in Iowa City that day, she was completely surprised; things went off without a hitch. We got married on July 16, 2011. We have lived in Iowa City the last three years and are now expecting our first child; a son. We fondly think of Coe and credit it with the start of our relationship. We have nothing but the best of memories from our time there.

Nikki Reich Voss ’10 & Chris Voss ’10
Chris and I took Business Law together our junior year. He was known to skip class a time or two...or three...so when he needed an assignment, he got my number. We ended up studying together for an exam and I had an instant crush! After studying all night, he asked me to breakfast after the exam at Perkins. From then on, I was smitten! :)


Michelle Neumann Schnier ’84
& Wayne Schnier ’83

Wayne and I met at Coe when I was a sophomore and he was a junior. We were first introduced by a fellow classmate, Jack Arendt, at the Tic Toc and our paths met again later at a TKE party. Our first date was Coe’s homecoming which was held at the Five Seasons Center. We dated through college and actually got engaged in my dorm room at Voorhees Hall. Wayne was back to visit and came bearing gifts – one of them was a box of
Cracker Jacks with the engagement ring as the prize! We were married on October 20, 1984 and had fellow Kohawks – Kurt Durscher, Don Jorgenson, and Lorri Eberhard as part of our wedding party. We celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary this past year. We have many fond memories of our days at Coe and wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Margaret Vogel Thompson ’11
& Miles Thompson
Miles and Margaret met in Coe's Concert Choir in February 2009. It took them a while to even speak to each other until Miles' broke the ice with I like your shoes. They didn't seem to stop talking since. They spent many late nights doing homework together, or Miles would surprise Margaret in the practice rooms when she was supposed to be practicing piano and voice. Margaret was a Music Education Major and Miles majored in Graphic Design. Miles and

Margaret were both very involved with Greek life. Miles was in Lambda Chi and Margaret was a Tri-Delta so they spent a lot of time together doing activities through their Greek organizations. Miles transferred to Iowa State to study Horticulture and Landscape Design and they continued a long-distance relationship for three years. They got married in November 2013 and live with their two dogs in the Quad Cities.

William Wells ’66
& Linda Kerr Wells ’71

Linda Kerr and I didn't meet at Coe. However, she did date several of my fraternity (Lambda Chi) brothers while there. We met in Knoxville Tennessee at an arranged dinner by her boss and my former boss. We were both single after being divorced. The conversation was business until Linda made a casual reference to someone she had just interviewed from Des Moines. I replied that I had gone to a small school in Iowa. Linda replied, "so did I," so you can imagine our surprise when it turned out to be
Coe. In a city with four Coe alums, we had each just met one of the other three. The rest of our evening was spent comparing mutual friends, leaving our matchmaker out of the conversation. As a footnote, when we got married in 2006, there were over 20 Coe friends who joined us, the males of which were Lambda Chi's.

Stacy Carson Pfantz ’05 & Zach Pfantz ’04
We met in the spring of 2001 in Greene Hall. Zach was a freshman living on the 4th floor and Stacy was a prospective student on an overnight visit. Her host was giving her a tour and making the rounds through the dorms. As Stacy entered the 4th floor to a raucous floor party Zach spotted her… love (with maybe a little lust) at first sight. Zach was amazed by her beauty so he confidently walked up to her and gave her a big hug, upon finding out she was a “prospie” he stated a bit more romantically than it might sound “if you come here you will be my girlfriend!” The encounter
was brief but it left a lasting impression on both Zach and Stacy. Zach went to bed that night dreaming of the beautiful girl he had just met. Fast-forward to the next fall. Zach was on campus early for football practice and Stacy with the new freshmen arrived for orientation. It just so happened dinner was being served on the quad in front of Armstrong-Douglas as football practice was getting over. Zach and some of his teammates were making their way from the locker room in Eby Fieldhouse to Greene Hall when they stopped by to grab something to eat. That is when Zach and Stacy spotted each other for the second time. They talked again and there was an obvious attraction and connection. When school started Stacy had the girl that hosted her on her visit give Zach a call to tell him he should ask Stacy out on a date. Zach eagerly took her up on that suggestion. A few weeks later they started hanging out. Hanging out led to dating for a few months that year before Stacy broke up with Zach on Flunk Day over a bit of a misunderstanding, as tends to happen on Flunk Day. Throughout the next year they remained close as they dated some other people but neither could shake the feelings they had started to develop for one another. They got back together for good in the fall of 2004. They fell in love and continued dating. Zach graduated and became a graduate assistant for the football team as Stacy finished up her last year of school. In the winter of 2006, Zach proposed to Stacy on the football field at Clark Stadium. They got married on July 15, 2006 in Cedar Rapids. Through a few moves and many life experiences, their love is still going strong eight years and three kids later. In fact if the kids are asleep and the mood is right they still look at each other the same way they did on that spring night on the 4th floor of Greene Hall, way back in 2001.

Matthew Starmer ’06 & Lindsey Wear Starmer ’07
I met Lindsey in 2004 through mutual friends at a place that a lot of Kohawks were familiar with at that time called All Stars. I then really opened up the wallet the following day and treated her to a romantic meal at Wendy's. Eleven years later and that has turned into a seven year marriage and two kiddos!

Hilary Mayhew Kastner ’04 & Mike Kastner ’04
I met my husband Mike at the end of my junior year at Coe in 2003. We were out with friends celebrating the end of finals and the beginning of summer. After awhile I looked around and all my friends had left me sitting by myself. Luckily they had left me next to a cute guy wearing an ugly green hat. We started talking and have been together ever since. We've been married for over eight years now and have two awesome little boys. I'm very thankful Coe brought us together, and that our dog eventually chewed up that ugly green hat ;)

Thomas Dunlop ’67
& Lynn Haedtler Dunlop ’67

Lynn and I, both being science majors, met through mutual friends who shared common interests. We formally met on a blind date arranged by friends for a toboggan outing. Lynn, being the cautious person, invited another male in case I didn't work out. Fortunately, I was the chosen one. We dated for a few months and were married September 2, 1967. Coe sweethearts then and now.

Bruce Liddel ’77 & Debbie Julian Liddel ’77
I guess in my subconscious at least, I wondered if someday someone (or anyone) at Coe would realize that June Yoder was SO wrong about the two of us. I don’t remember Ms. Yoder’s official job title, but her mission in life seemed to be to try to keep us apart through very aggressive enforcement of campus visitation rules. Neither of us cared for smoke of any kind (especially the illegal variety), nor consumed alcohol in measurable quantities, but then, the college preferred to officially look the other way on those transgressions. We never understood their selective
indignation. A girlfriend of mine (a Mount-Mercy student, who I really had met in physics class, yes, in Peterson Hall) introduced me to Debbie, who was participating in a political bumper-sticker campaign at a Coe football game, early in the fall of 1974. I had to go, because I was in the band. It was not love at first sight. As I recall, my roommate had quite the crush on Debbie. We all liked to go to Voorhees, and watch the Friday Night Creature Feature on TV, and often would sit at the same table for meals in the Gage Union cafeteria. One night, I had a fairly annoying cold, so I thought it best to sit by myself at dinner. Debbie didn’t seem to think that was such a good idea, and despite my warnings, sat with me anyway. It turned out we both liked to play chess, so it was off to my room for several games. One thing led to another, and we both soon realized there was something phenomenal about our chemistry. Yes, our first kiss was at least figuratively behind the pillars of Voorhees, actually on 3 West. Within two months, we were engaged, and married 16 months later, in June 1976. My poor roommate was roped into being best man. At the senior class graduation dinner, we were recognized as “Couple of the Year”, with the notation “Bicycle Built for Two”, which we never understood. While we were often seen riding together, we were always on separate bicycles. We were awarded a plastic Gorilla piggybank, with a Coe sticker and ribbon, which they of course called a “Coe-Rilla”. For some unknown reason, we still have that Coe-Rilla today.

Karen Kennedy Wilson ’92 & Scott Wilson ’91 
We met on a snowy February evening on our walk back to Armstrong-Douglas from the caf.  We first bonded over the fact that neither of us got any mail because we were both from the Cedar Rapids area. This led to a wonderful talk, and in the following days we had fun sending each other notes through campus mail, so our mailboxes wouldn't be empty any more.  That was just the beginning. Now, twenty-six years later, we are back in Cedar Rapids and approaching our twenty-fourth wedding anniversary.  Scott is the general manager of the Cedar Rapids Kernels and Karen is thrilled to be back at Coe working in the music office.  In addition to Karen spending her days at Coe, we have a Coe chip, the oldest of our four children will be graduating from Coe in May.  We also have two daughters, one who will graduate from college next year and one who is a freshman in high school.  Our youngest, another son, is in fifth grade. While we have many wonderful memories from our Coe days, the highlight was definitely finding our sweetheart.

Ann Wieck Schmitt ’74 & Dan Schmitt ’75
I spent my junior year in Denmark in Coe’s Study Abroad program. My friends wrote me and said they’d found the “perfect guy” for me –Dan Schmitt. He started at the Air Force Academy and followed his football coach, Roger Schlegel to Coe. We met in May. I was 150 pound Danish pastry and Dan had a date in hot pants! We met once in the summer and he asked me to marry him in October after the first away wrestling tournament. My friends and I watched him play football and wrestle. I was to graduate in 1974, teach school and we’d get married the next year when he graduated.  I graduated and two weeks later we were married. We rented a house Coe owned for $100 a month. Coe paid the utilities.  I kept score for Bremner’s wrestling team that year while pregnant. Our daughter Kylee was born five days before Dan graduated in May 1975. Kohawks forever! We will be married 41 years in June 2015.

Emily Weber ’13 & Curtis Stochl ’13
Curtis Stochl and I both arrived at Coe in August of 2009, but somehow managed not to meet until May 2012, the summer before our senior year! That summer I was on campus for a few extra weeks, waiting for my May Term to London to depart, and Curtis was interning in Cedar Rapids. Both of us are fans of baseball and the St. Louis Cardinals. We met over that connection during those few weeks in May. The first picture included is us before our senior year homecoming, taken in my apartment at Coe after we returned to campus for the fall. The last is a photo of us almost exactly two years after we met, taken in St. Louis. We both live and work in Cedar Rapids.

Gary Holland ’74 & Kathy Thompson Holland ’74
I was a sophomore, friends in my fraternity wanted to set me up with a freshman from the Chi Omega pledge class. I was able to see, at a distance, a table of girls in the Union dining hall and was asked to pick one. The phone call for the semi-blind date was arranged, she said "yes" to accompany me to an all-school roller skating party, and that was fairly uneventful except for the part where I crashed her into the side boards and wiped us both out on a turn. We continued to meet, going to the library, the P.U.B., sitting together for meals. Steady dating ensued. She eventually visited my hometown, the next summer I visited her family in Connecticut, we got engaged and she went to two summer school sessions at Coe to make up the year difference between us in school. We were married two weeks after she graduated, in '74 at her home church, many Coe friends in attendance; that was over 40 years ago. Years later, also at Coe, our first son met his wife in the same scenario--he was a sophomore, she was a freshman, they got married after she graduated. Best part is that my mother (Coe class of '50) was able to get to our son's graduation on the green in front of the library in the spring of '01. My mom, wife and daughter-in-law all lived in Voorhees at one time or another. Love of the school is woven into our family's love stories.

Sarah Henderson Otton ’12 & Kenneth Otton ’12

My senior year at Coe my roommate decided to study abroad for the Fall semester. I didn't have a replacement for her so I got put in Kohawk Village.  Everyone was really friendly there and hung out together except one guy I only saw at a distance. One afternoon, right before finals week, the pro-staff that lived in Kohawk Villiage set off the fire alarm and everyone had to wait outside for Security to come shut it off. I had been taking a nap so I was in my pajamas and guess who happened to be outside with me? We stood around outside with a few other students chatting and when we finally got to go back inside I friended him on Facebook. The rest, as they say, is history. Almost five years later we're still together and have been married almost one year!


Margaret Solheim Rembacz ’64 & Bill Rembacz ’63
Our love story began at Coe in 1960 when my roommate Janet fixed me up with her boyfriend's roommate who turned out to be Bill. Many fun times followed, fraternity dances, Sunday night suppers, study dates in the library, Flunk Day and kisses behind the pillars at Voorhees. Falling in love and the KD's and Lambda Chi's serenading us on Voorhees porch...Bill graduated in 1963 and myself in 1964 and we were married in 1965. Our Air Force life took us to many places in 20 years including an amazing four years in Germany. We settled in Ogden, Utah where we raised our three children. Our love story is coming up on 50 years as we will celebrate our Golden Anniversary this year. We have been to both Bill's and my 50th Reunions from Coe.

Sakinah Haque Ellickson ’09 & Ian Ellickson ’08
Ian and I met at Coe through the summer research program. We were Dr. Marty St. Clair's two Carver students! Ian and I didn't hit it off right away; I thought he was loud and obnoxious, and he thought I was an annoying girl from the city (some things never change...). However, the second summer of research, as two of the returning research students, we found ourselves in leadership positions and through working together, we discovered we had similar interests, senses of humor, etc. One day, I instigated a water fight with him while collecting stream water samples. There was a specific, mischievous glint in his eye, and he immediately retaliated with full force, drenching me with water (NOT with the samples we had collected... ahem!). Anyway, that mischievous glint turned out to be attraction and I found myself missing him when he was gone from the lab. Eight years later, we were married at Backbone State Park, next to the water, with our wedding officiated by the very person who's lab we met in-- Dr. Marty S. Clair! It's been a great, wonderful adventure!

Hallie Kuhn Wilkins ’12
& Newlin Wilkins ’11

Newlin Wilkins and I met my freshman year at Coe. I heard him causing a ruckus on my floor in Murray Hall and knew I had to meet that person! We were friends all through Coe but never dated. After Newlin graduated, he moved to Eugene, Oregon for a year and I was busy with my senior year at Coe. Newlin moved back to his hometown of Fairfield, Iowa just as I was starting my student teaching at Coe. We met up as we usually did in the summers because my grandparents live 30 minutes from Fairfield. Newlin made me waffles, and I never left! After student teaching we moved into the house in which Newlin grew up. One year and two dogs later we decided to move to my hometown, New Orleans, Louisiana. We got engaged on the beach, bought a house, and were just married on February 1, 2015 (the day between our birthdays). It was the happiest weekend of my entire life! Thank you, Coe College, for bringing Newlin into my life. The picture is of me, one of my best friends in the whole world and fellow Kohawk, Satchel Jones ('12), and my sweet husband, Newlin Wilkins ('11).


Craig Gingrich ’70  & Deb Taylor Gingrich ’93
Our story began in the fall of 1968.  I was a junior living in High Rise and Deb was a freshman nursing student at St. Luke’s School of Nursing.  Football was winding down, and I was sitting in a car in the parking lot between Greene Hall and High Rise talking to some friends.  As she and another student that I knew from home walked by I caught their eyes and they stopped briefly. Vicki Hanson Buescher, Deb’s best friend and classmate who would eventually be our maid of honor introduced me to the girl standing behind her. Deb was very shy and didn’t say much, but I was more interested in talking to Vicki anyway.  The shy girl was easy to spot when the nursing students made regular trips to class. She was tall, with fair skin and light blond hair and my room was overlooking the walkway from St. Luke’s to campus.  For some reason she stood out in the crowd.
A few days after that first casual meeting someone showed up in the lobby of High Rise wanting to talk to me. Well, I quickly jumped on the elevator and went downstairs. I was unshaven, no shirt, and quite the slob, and certainly not in the least bit concerned about impressing anybody.   She knew that I lived near Vinton and wanted a ride to Vinton where her parents would come and pick her up and take her home to the farm about 20 miles away. I found out later she had a date, but had no way to get home. That wasn’t disclosed at that point.  “No problem,” was my response and there should be room as I had a couple other people going home for the weekend, as well.  We arrived in Vinton, but she still needed to get home to her farm.  I decided that another few miles would not be a problem and she consented.  She introduced me to her parents and showed me her Dad’s orphan fox pups in a cage.  Our first alone time together was casual small talk and we went on with our separate lives.
Our relationship really popped the next week with the popcorn balls that Deb delivered to me as “payback” for the ride home. After that, we met at the P.U.B. We began dating and seeing each other on a pretty regular basis. I took her home more often. About four months later I proposed in front of St. Luke’s and she accepted ($20 monthly payments at Siebke and Hoyt for years).  Our engagement was met with an emotional response from parents, but we weathered the angst and now finish each other’s sentences and thoughts.
We were married one week before graduation in 1970. I added an MA from UNI in 1982. Deb went on to get her diploma from St. Luke's in 1971, her BSN from Coe in 1993 and her MSN from Allen College in 2007. My careers were teaching, coaching and critical care paramedic (2nd career).  Deb became a director of Emergency Services and Critical Care. We have four sons who have given us five beautiful grandchildren. We are both retired, nearing our 45th year of marriage in June.  Our story is not unique, but we are so grateful to God and Coe College for setting our foundation together.  

Kristin Boner Beckwith ’11 & Wesley Beckwith ’10
After a failed attempt of being lab partners in chemistry in the fall of 2008, we ended up being put in the same chemistry study group in spring of 2009.  That’s when late night conversations began. Eventually, Wes got the courage to ask me out to the Presidential Ball that semester.  Since he had been a part of Rug-cutters his freshman year, he wanted to teach me a few dance moves that morning before we went to the dance.  After learning a few swing-dance moves, we went to the dance.  We both had a blast and we have been pretty attached ever since.  We got engaged in June of 2011 and were married in the summer of 2013.  The first photo was taken at the Presidential Ball in 2009, our first date.  The second photo was taken at Lucas Oils Stadium in January 2015.

Laci Palar Lower ’01 & Nate Lower ’01
We met in our First Year Seminar class, Calculus – I know, I know, nerd alert. I’m not really sure you could call it “meeting” since I’m not sure that Nate spoke a word all semester. However, the summer between our sophomore and junior years, I starting talking to him in his natural habitat – the Eby weight room. Of course, I’d catch him at the water fountain so I wouldn’t distract him. I definitely put on some muscle that summer. After a couple months of small talk, we finally went on our first date and attended homecoming; ‘99 and the rest is history.  The next 15 years have included a wedding where Dougie rode his trike all the way to Williamsburg (how honored we were), grad school, work, great friend, and two beautiful children.  We feel very lucky to have both decided to attend Coe and find each other.

Cathy White Bixby ’81 & Paul Bixby ’81
One of Professor Rich Hoffman’s lesser-known talents was matchmaking. In January of 1978, Concert Choir and Collage travelled to Europe to tour and study in Paris, London, and Iceland. I don’t think either Paul or I was looking for a partner. Our first day in Paris, Rich gathered four of us to go with him to see the sights, Paul and I included. That evening Paul came to ask me on a “date” for the following day. It’s quite impressive to say you had your first date in Paris. Paul had American friends living in Paris at the time. The next day they picked us up in their car, prepared to give us the full Paris experience in sevenhours. They drove us around the Arc De Triomphe (a truly frightening experience), past the open air markets and horse meat factories. They ran us through the Louvre stopping at the most visited sights; took us for lunch at their country home where they assumed we were an established couple; and drove us to Versailles where we didn’t run quite so fast. From that day on, Rich often asked the two of us to sight see with him, perpetuating the connection. Upon returning to Coe, we played a married couple in Company and the rest is history. Thirty-three years of married history!

Kyle Boardman ’14 & Hayleigh Hansen ’14
It all started on a cold wintery night in December of our freshman year at the "Blue House" on the outskirts of Coe's campus. There was an ugly sweater themed party going on that night and as soon as we caught each other's eyes, it was game over. We literally did not leave each others side the entire time we were at the party. At the end of the night we each went our separate ways, but I'm of the strong belief that we both knew that wasn't going to be the last time we would be together. The next day, her roommate Megan came down to my room and asked me about what had happened and if my intentions had really been sincere the prior evening. I told Megan that I already knew I liked her and wasn't some creepy guy who would never want to speak to her again. After that, we started texting constantly and I finally got the courage to ask her to dinner for our first date. The first date went very well and, as much as I wanted to be patient, I just could not and I asked her to be mine. She said yes on January 20, 2011 and so began our amazing relationship. Fast forward to December 18, 2014, when I again had to sum up the courage to ask her a question. This time, however, it was a choice of whether or not to spend the rest of her life with me. I wanted to propose on Coe's campus because it means so much to both of us and it always will. So, with the help of a few of her friends, I set up a rose pedal heart right next to the Victory Bell with the question "Marry Me?" inside. She had no idea I was going to be there and her friends led her right to the message, where my nervous self popped out from behind the bell and asked for her hand in marriage. She said yes and made me the happiest man on earth. Coe has been the place where our love started and where we both decided to make it eternal and that's why it will always hold a special place in both of our hearts.

Elaine Schneider McAllister ’43
& Lester McAllister 42

I—Les—as a sophomore, was working in the Voorhees kitchen to earn my board. Elaine, as a freshman, also got a job in that kitchen. So, we met at the dishwashing machine in the kitchen of the women’s dorm.
In December of my senior year, Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japan. In as much I was in ROTC, that was assured that I would be in the army the next spring. Elaine and I took long walks together that winter and spring, as our love intensified.
I graduated in May 1942, with a BA and a commission. Col. Flanagan's speech to the ROTC grads ended up with “Come back with your shields or on them.” There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Three days later I was on active duty. Three months later, I was in central Africa, with the Army Airways Communications system. For the next two and one-half years, I had various assignments in northern Africa and the Middle East. Elaine and I corresponded two or three times a week. During one four month stint, I was at a French Foreign Legion fort in the Sahara. I received no mail (nor pay nor PX, etc.); my mail was being forwarded to Cairo, my new squadron headquarters. When I wrote home in complaint, Elaine and my mother redoubled their efforts, so when I arrived eventually in Cairo, I received 110 letters waiting for me. A glorious day.
Back to the U.S. in February, 1945, Elaine and I wed. So we were together for the duration— a duration that will be 70 years this February, 2015. I taught at Coe, under Ward Macy, for three years, then followed him to the University of Oregon, where I earned my Ph.D. in 1953, with Elaine doing all the then – arduous typing of my thesis. WE spent most of the next 47 years at Beloit College, with short periods at the National War College and the University of Wisconsin. Our daughter, Margaret, became a physical therapist and settled in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
While at Beloit, I was awarded Phi Beta Kappa when Coe got her chapter. I was elected to the Coe Athletic Hall of Fame, and I received the Coe Alumni Association Award of Merit. Elaine was a hospital volunteer, election official; and was active in bridge groups and college activities. She worked in a law office in Beloit.
Elaine and I traveled extensively, visiting most of Europe, Australia (and Tasmania), and three corners of Africa. Elaine had an appendectomy in Costa Rica, at an excellent San Jose hospital. In 1998, we moved to Kalamazoo, near Margaret, into a splendid retirement facility. WE plunged right in, so much that we were both awarded Volunteer of the Year four years later. So, we have had a good life, beginning at Coe.


Bill Welch ’59 & Nancy Bros Welch ’59
How I Met Nancy:
When I came to Coe on a Saturday of Freshmen Orientation Week, my parents helped me get settled. As they headed for home, they tried to give me some advice, “Make sure you study, don’t stay out late, etc.” Then my dad said, “Remember the advice I gave you.” All I could remember was this, “Find a girl you can talk to.”
On Sunday evening, there was a dance on the tennis courts. I went and there was Nancy Bros. I didn’t know her name, but I was attracted to her by her looks. I then remembered what my dad had said.
Later at the dance, I found my roommate who introduced me to Nancy. We had a short dance together and my heart fluttered; what a feeling! She was so nice, I got scared. I got the room key from my roommate and went back to the dorm.
During the next week, I saw Nancy and asked her to go for a walk. As we walked, I lost my heart to her. We talked and talked all about our life, I knew I was hooked. We dated four years, pinned, then married. We have been married fifty years and I’m still in love.                        
How I Met Bill: Bill and I met on the campus tennis courts, the second night of Freshman Orientation Week. We had supper then a dance. I met Bill’s roommate and while visiting with him, Bill walked over to get his room key. I can remember watching him walkover, thinking, “What is his NAME?” I think I fell for him then, but we danced one dance and he left, I guess he thought the evening was over!
Throughout the week, we saw each other occasionally, since our campus tour was always arranged alphabetically, he a “W” and I a “B.” Of course we had to walk around the campus as freshmen with our beanies on, as we didn’t always see each other. On ROTC Mondays, I could never see which one was him!
We began to take walks after dinner, getting to know each other. We enjoyed going to movies at the Times Theater and ending up under the Victory Bell! We were pinned our junior year and engaged our senior year. Our wedding date was August 1959, after graduation.
We have celebrated 50 years of marriage; have a daughter and son-in-law; a son and daughter-in-law; and four grandsons. Bill taught in Junior/Senior High school, for 36 years. We have travelled and enjoyed life. We are still in love, thanks to Coe College.

James Locke '12 & Sandy Krueger '14
A chance meeting. Harry Potter. A challenge: you aren't ready. A May term away in South Dakota. That's all it took me to fall forehead over toes for this woman. We spent the first three months of our relationship seeing each other every other weekend over the summer - by the time senior year came around for me, wrestling was in full swing, she was killing it academically (I was only wounding it). We saw one another once a day, but it was the happiest once-a-day that I'd ever had. Someone who was as fiercely driven and independent as I was, with an attitude to boot. I kept saying to myself "don't screw this up, you won't find another like her." I haven't screwed it up.
I graduated and used the four months that Sandy spent in Uganda that fall to plan our engagement. Her return found us at a winery in Baraboo Wisconsin with our best friends, a homemade bookshelf, and a(n upside down) ring. ("I'll marry the first man who makes me a bookshelf...").
Two years later, and we finally have a date: 2016. She is on a Fulbright in Malaysia for the next ten months (again, killing it).
The times apart make the times together sweeter; we push each other, piss each other off, love and support one another to no end. Thanks be to Coe for bringing us to the same Delta Formal, and allowing us to build a marriage, partnership and life together.

Ramon Hass ’56 & Betty Howe Hass ’57

Betty Howe Hass and I were organ students of Eleanor Taylor.  We both got jobs (she playing organ and I, singing) at Temple Judah Reformed Synagogue which was about eightblocks from Coe.  We had to walk there every Friday. eve. That's how we did our courting.  About a year later, I proposed to Betty in the small chapel off of Sinclair Chapel.  We married in 1955.