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Trustees unanimously support coe
Dave Carson ’72 is originally from Chicago and lives in Northville, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. At Coe, Carson majored in economics and business administration, and went on to earn an MBA from the University of Iowa. 
Carson had a 33-year career with Ford Motor Company, based both in Detroit and in Europe. Since retiring as a member of the senior global finance executive team in 2007, he has been an advisor to several companies. 
In 2000, Carson joined the Coe College Board of Trustees, where he has served in several leadership roles. Carson was elected board chair in 2012, and he is presently serving in his second three-year term in that key position. 
Along with the gift of time to benefit the college, Dave and his wife, Mary Bridenstine Carson ’73, have been stalwart financial supporters of the college for many years, including the Make Your Move Campaign. Dave is grateful to the trustees and other alumni and friends of the college who have pledged lead gifts in the quiet phase of the campaign.
“Members of the Board of Trustees are among Coe’s most loyal and generous supporters,” said Carson. “Their unanimous commitment to the Make Your Move Campaign signals strong support for this project and a high level of confidence in the future of Coe. The trustees recognize that the academic program and the robustness of college life at Coe are as strong as ever, and we strive to ensure the experience is even better going forward.” 
Carson is hopeful that the support provided by the trustees will be inspirational to other alumni and friends of the college as they consider their campaign gifts.
“The alumni are the future of Coe, a responsibility that we never realized as students,” said Carson. “Take a few moments and reflect on your life at Coe; we ask all who benefited from the Coe experience to make a gift to the Make Your Move Campaign to support future generations of Kohawks.”

Herink delays retirement for Coe
Eighteen years later, former Coe President Joseph E. McCabe is still inspiring alumni to support their alma mater.
In 1997, McCabe announced plans to give Coe every dollar paid to him during his 40 years of service to the college – an amount totaling $458,616.67. In 2014, as plans for Make Your Move – the Campaign for Eby and Hickok were explained to Coe trustees, Kent Herink ’76 was similarly inspired.
On pace to meet his career goal of retiring at the end of 2014 before
turning 60 years old, Herink decided instead to work an extra year while donating his salary to Coe.
“I was trying to think of a way I could make a more significant contribution and realized that if I was in financial shape to retire in 2014, I could delay my retirement a year and give my earnings for that year to Coe without adversely affecting my retirement,” Herink said. “So, that’s what I did - I worked an extra year ‘for Coe’ and it enabled me to make a contribution in excess of $200,000 that I would not otherwise have been able to do.”
Now “of-counsel” since the end of 2015, Herink practiced his entire career as a patent attorney for the Des Moines law firm of Davis, Brown, Koehn, Shors & Roberts, P.C. After graduating from Coe with a bachelor’s in physics, he earned his master’s in physics from the University of Iowa in 1979. He went on to study law at Iowa, graduating with a J.D. in 1982.
A Coe trustee since 2005, Herink is the second of five siblings who graduated from Coe between 1975 and 1987. The parents of three adult sons, he and his wife, Elaine, are avid skiers and enjoy spending time at their house in Italy.
In addition to McCabe’s famous gift, Herink said he was motivated by his fondness for Coe and his friendship with Mathematics Professor Kent Herron, with whom he lived for five years while attending graduate school and law school in Iowa City.
Coe laid the foundation, he said, that allowed him to switch career paths from physics to law. “I could do that because Coe provided me that broad-based liberal arts education,” Herink said.
Herink encourages others to consider this path toward increasing their charitable giving. “And if that giving is to Coe, all the better,” he added.
“Life’s been good to me,” Herink said. “I’ve been successful. Coe has been a big part of that success.”

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