Eby Fieldhouse

Coe's athletic facilities are outdated and substandard in comparison to most high school facilities, let alone college competitors. While serving the college well for many years, Eby Fieldhouse is in dire need of a rejuvenation and an addition. Health, wellness and active lifestyles are inherent in the campus community and more than 90% of Coe's 1,400 students participate in intramural sports. Coe enrolls 450 varsity athletes and offers 21 intercollegiate sports. Approximately 40% of the college's prospective students are recruited through the intercollegiate athletic program. Prospective students often site athletic and recreation opportunities as some of the most appealing features of a residential campus. Coe's athletic and recreation facilities are heavily used from early morning through late evening. Because all space is shared by intercollegiate and intramural programs, practices must be truncated and intramural games scheduled for after midnight in Eby. 

Buy a Locker!

Donors who contribute $1,000 or more (with up to four years to pay) to the Athletic and Recreation Complex renovation and addition will be recognized on a plaque on a locker in one of the new locker rooms.

Click here to donate $1,000 and be recognized in the Athletic and Recreation Complex.


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