The Vision

The project is designed to ensure that Coe will be able to serve the next several generations of Kohawks as well as Eby Fieldhouse served students of the mid-twentieth century.  The facility will not only meet current needs, but also align with the college’s long-term strategic direction.
  • The athletic and recreation programs are likely to be among our key marketing features for years to come.
  • If Coe is to remain a successful residential college, it must feature aspects of student life that can only be found on a campus like ours, so athletics and recreation will become increasingly important for top-quality liberal arts colleges.
  • The new and renovated facilities will be fully accessible for persons with disabilities.  
While college leaders have endorsed a plan to increase Coe’s student body to 1,500, additional growth is likely.  It is prudent to construct a facility which will meet the needs of an enrollment of up to 2,000 students.  The proposed design will also allow the college to expand locker rooms and share multi-purpose fields when adding sports or expanding for fitness equipment needed in the future. 

It's Happening.

You have the passion. You have the opportunity. Now is the time to make your move and make it happen for Coe.

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