The Scope

Three Key Components:

The new and renovated facility will be fully accessible for persons with disabilities.  An elevator will be installed in the building and new restrooms will be built to enhance accessibility.

Interior Renovation
The entire building will receive a facelift, including new restrooms, new energy efficient windows, suspended ceilings, energy-efficient lighting, wall coverings to eliminate cinder block classrooms, floor coverings, classroom furnishings, and office furniture for the faculty and staff.  (Many faculty appear to have desks that date back to the opening of the building.)

Creation of additional office and classroom space
The proposed 5,000 square foot addition to the west side of the building will provide approximately nine faculty offices and one new classroom for students.

It's Happening.

You have the passion. You have the opportunity. Now is the time to make your move and make it happen for Coe.

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