The Vision

Coe’s enrollment has grown by 30% over the past 15 years, creating many more course offerings.  In response, Coe has added numerous faculty members and class sections during that period of time.  As the addition of new academic space has lagged Coe’s growth, the college is now at a point where classroom space and offices are at a premium.  Renovating and building an addition on to Hickok will provide the college with the opportunity to add classroom space and faculty offices.  

Finally, a key component to the completion of the current strategic plan is to grow the college to 1,500 students, while additional growth is likely in the future.  Much like all of the campus enhancements over the last two decades, the expansion and renovation of Hickok Hall is a key initiative to attract more qualified students to campus, and to retain them.  

It's Happening.

You have the passion. You have the opportunity. Now is the time to make your move and make it happen for Coe.

Give Now.