Despite constant financial challenges, the college has long provided a quality of education comparable to academic institutions with endowments many times the size of Coe's. For the college to realize its vision of achieving a higher level of academic excellence, Coe must continue to strengthen its endowment. It is through a large and growing endowment that the programs offered by premier institutions are maintained and elaborated.

Simply put, endowment gifts to Coe become investments for the college that are held in perpetuity, with the money earned from the investments used to support various programs. A strong endowment provides recurring income that can benefit all aspects of the college, sustaining and supporting every effort it undertakes.Such income is a permanent source of funding that enriches teaching, learning and research. Endowed funds allow the college to hire and retain an outstanding faculty, provide essential scholarship support for students, and expand research, travel and foreign study opportunities for all members of the academic community. Endowment earnings provide essential funding for the programs offered by academic departments, as well as for abiding needs such as the acquisition of the most recent generation of scientific instrumentation and information technology. A large and growing endowment is the engine that powers an institution, and building such an endowment at Coe is essential.

By definition, a college's endowment is permanent; it endures in perpetuity, existing across decades and centuries. For this reason, gifts to the endowment offer donors the unique and important benefit of being able to touch the lives of students and faculty yet unborn. Further, an endowment gift honors publicly the name of the donor - or that of a family member, friend, or beloved professor. A gift to the endowment identifies the donor as someone who has entered into partnership with the college to prepare succeeding generations of students to embrace the future.

To elevate Coe to a new level of academic excellence requires broad endowment support for a wide variety of programs and initiatives, ranging from gifts to enhance the academic program, to those that more directly benefit individual students and faculty. Opportunities for supporting the endowment include, but are not limited to:

  • Off Campus Study Scholarships
  • Endowed Scholarship Funds
  • Undergraduate Research
  • Educational Equipment and Instrumentation
  • Wilderness Field Station
  • Thursday Forum

  • Academic Departments
  • Endowed Faculty Professorships
  • Faculty Development Program
  • Support and Development
  • Faculty Research
  • Distinguished Visitors

  • For more information on the endowment, contact us:
    David T. Hayes, JD., LLM
    Vice President for Advancement &
    Professor of Business Administration & Economics
    Cell: 319-360-7038
    Office: 319-399-8555
    Toll Free: 800-332-8404 ext. 8555
    Debbie Green
    Senior Development Officer &
    Director of Planned Giving
    Cell: 319-360-0985
    Office: 319-399-8592
    Toll Free: 800-332-8404 ext. 8592
    Megan Ruffles
    Development Officer
    Cell: 319-330-6811
    Office: 319-399-8612
    Toll Free: 800-332-8404 ext. 8612